You will always be tested

With ever victory come a challenge. With ever victory of/in the mind with come a test or challenge to see if you will maintain and hold on to the deliverance and freedom that was purchased for you. Freedom is your birthright. We were born free. We where at our freest before the fall.

One conversation with the wrong spirit and change everything. And thing haven’t been the same since. Watch who you talk to.

Beware of all who attempt to put you in bondage. The earth’s is the Lords and the fullness there of and they that dwell in it. Everything under the sun belongs to my Father. He created it all. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Our word is one of the most powerful things that we posses. You your word/talk and language. Watch who you talk too. One conversation changed the word and created the world as we know it. I and my Father are one. (In the beginning was God. Before the beginning was God. After the beginning is God. God and His Word are one.

Everything under the sun is His and everything above it is His. He is not the sun…because he created it. He is the universe because he created it. He is not the wind, sun, moon and stars…for he created it. He is His Word.

He is His Word… Let us created us HIm… Let us created us them… Male and female He them.

Before the fall we where free.

and it was you are entitled too.


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