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To Him I Say…yes

To Him I Say…yes

From this point forward my answer to Him will forever be…yes.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I am now ready.  I am clear on where I am.  His peace, clarity, and His presence in concert with my faith and my stillness will from this point govern all my decisions, plans, and preparations.  No longer will I surrender to my emotions unless lead by His spirit.  …I am now ready.

To Him I say…yes.  There have been moments in my life when I have arrived at cross roads that forever changed the direction and the trajectory of my life.  In these moments my life, my consciousness, understanding and discernment undergo a process of metamorphosis and rebirth.  I am often nervous and hesitant when I reach thesehttp://trinitynoel.com moments.  I am always hesitant when I arrive at this place because the most familiar parts of me die.

To Him I say yes…but I am often resistant to this place because those who were once comfortable and familiar with me are forced to step back and reevaluate who they thought they knew.  It’s an uncomfortable place because everything that surrounds me is unfamiliar.  I describe this transition as a new surrendering and yielding to His Lordship.  It’s a place of greater intimacy with the Creator.  It’s a new degree of unexplored access and liberty that He takes with His image.  It’s almost like God uses my life to commune more closely with Himself and His image.

To Him I say yes…but during these times my mind and spirit is fully aware of what’s http://trinitynoel.comhappening and both my mind and spirit begin racing.  The most carnal parts of my  identity (the flesh) knows that death is imminent.  It’s during this time that self-sabotage shows all the way up.  Before the conception of my rebirth…every part of my flesh fights for dear life and refuses to surrender without attempting to destroy and disrupt as much of my life as possible before it takes it’s last breath.  It’s like my conscious mind is just along for the ride.

To Him I say…yes.  This yielding and surrender experience always brings me to a deeper understandinghttp://trinitynoel.com and knowing of Him.  During this time…it’s like He explores, enters, reconstructs and reproduces every fiber of the DNA that composes my spirit and He breaths new life into me.  It’s like a rebirth.  Things look familiar but everything about my existence and experience is changed.  With this transition comes a new learning and a new knowing.  I emerge and awake to His image.  I emerge and awake because I am. To Him I say…yes…yes…yes.

Yes, ‘I AM’ now ready…


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