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The Perfect Bath

The Perfect Bath

Bath Time Delight

Have you ever though about how amazing it must feel to experience the perfect bath. I have partnered with SelfCare Is WealthCare and Timeless Delight to create the perfect bath.

The Bath Time Delight Experience that I’m about to describe to you a foundational part of the SelfCare Is WealthCare R3 Program.

(relax, recover and restore program. (R3 Program)

The purpose and intentention surrounding this experience is to relax, recover and restore. This practice affords your the luxury of relaxation and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Part 1: Empower your day by setting your purpose and intention.
It starts with the (SelfCare Is WealthCare PI) purpose and intention to do well and be well. This is stage one of the practice. As you elevate your state of mind the SIW PI becomes… “be well and do well.” Most people/students who suffer from self neglect are so in trenched in the mindset of “do“ as oppose to “just be”.

(During stage one of the SIW R3 practice….we start by meeting the you where you are. )

After setting the SIW PI…

Step 1: Internal Hydration Bathing (IHB is the 1st practice of the day.)
You begin with hydration which is the first practices of the day.
During this time you will turn on your favorite sound bathing track.

Next pour the water into your favor glass, mug or jar. (Do not use plastic.) This is when the water becomes yours. This is when you take ownership of the water. It’s after you have poured it into your favorite container.

Part 2:
Take a deep breath. Have a seat and enjoy your water.
With each breath and sip…remember and think about your purpose and intention of the day.
The internal hydration bathing will come to an end at the same time the track comes to an end.

Part 3 of SIW R3 Program
Take a moment to restore and recharge your body with 30 min. of activity. Notice that I said “take a moment to…” Take has to be used here because by this time…. Typically lower vibration, low frequency will attempt to inject your mind with thoughts of what you should be doing. Low vibes and low frequencies only seek to pull or push us out of the present moment.

Naturally if working out has not been apart out your daily routine or lifestyle… it is during this moment your you will start to legitimize why everything expect for working out deserves your attention.

Start listing to SWI R3 Track 2.
(Ignore and resist all thoughts during this time that would attempt cause guilt and/or shame.)

Complete/Do # 3 & #4 of your checklist. Pick your favorite tracks or chose from the SWI Workout Playlist.

Once you have completed your restore and recharge activity…

Prepare for your perfect bath…

Part 4:
Prepare for your perfect bath…
Run your bathwater at a the temperature that feel right for you.
Add 1 Timeless Delight BathTime Delight Fragrance Crystals your bath water 10 min. before you are ready to enjoy your bath. (As an alternative to adding Timeless Delight BathTime Fragrance Crystals to your water, use your BathTime Delight Oil Warmer or candle that came in your Timeless Delight BathTime Delight Bundle Box.)

Chose your favorite tracks from your playlist or chose from the the SIW R3 playlist or soundlist.
Turn on your favorite lighting source/option)

Before having a seat into your bath, add Timeless Delight Relaxing Oats to your bathwater. Take a deep as you give attention to your focus and intention of the day. Take another deep breath and set your intentions on the grace and forgive that you have for yourself and toward others. Take one last deep breath and meditation on thoughts of gratitude for all that you have to been thankful for. During this time of bathing take deep breaths and choose to relax.

Add a bar of BathTime Delight to your water. (Wait 3 min for a soapy lather. Wait 5 min for a really soapy lather.) And enjoy your bath. Use the Timeless Delight Relaxing Oats Pouch to rinse the soap from your both. Repeat this process 3 times. Soake your body for 5-7 min while breathing deeply.

And your perfect bath is complete.

Moisturize your skin and live in the manifestation of your purpose and intention throughout the day!


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