SelfCare Is WealthCare Events & Retreat Announcements

Our next SelfCare Is WealthCare event will be the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 1, 2023.

1st quarter enrollment for the 2023 SelfCare Is WealthCare Masterclass is sold out.

The next “SelfCare is WealthCare™” Masterclass is scheduled for April 10th-June 30th. 

Early bird registration for 2nd quarter enrollment into the SelfCare Is WealthCare Masterclass will open October 1st-December 15th.

~”SelfCare is WealthCare” (12 weeks program) early bird special: $4997~

“SelfCare is WealthCare” (12 weeks program) regular enrollment: $6997

Benefits of the program:

  • Get clarity
  • Identify the areas in your life where self neglect is present
  • Deconstruct any negatives conversations that you may be having with yourself about yourself
  • Work through feelings of guilt and shame that keep you from including yourself among your top priorities
  • Implement a plan for personalized selfcare
  • Learn how to set boundaries & effectively communicate them
  • Become more self aware & self reflective
  • Eliminate self sabotaging behaviors that bred feeling of resentment and worthlessness
  • Receive exclusive offer from our official sponsors at
  • Incorporate 3 selfcare experiences a week
  • 1 signed copy of Mastering the Art of SelfCare book & workbook is included (Valued at $197)
  • 12 month subscription of the SelfCare Bundle Box is included (Valued at $1764)
  • 12 week SelfCare Is WealthCare Style Guides are included (Valued at $1261)

Thanks to our generous sponsors at, the “SelfCare is WealthCare™” program will include a one year subscription of the SelfCare Bundle Box which includes all of your relaxation and selfcare must haves!


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