My Journey

I developed the practice of SelfCare about 8 years ago.   During that time, I was the agency director of a company that provided services to individuals and families who were in crisis.  I managed staff, budgets and business relationships.  It took a lot of work, time and energy but it was rewarding and I enjoyed it.  About 2 years later my husband and I discovered that we were expecting and I became a stay at home mom.  I always took my responsibility as a nurturing caregiver for my family and home extremely seriously.  Being a wife and mother who was fully engaged and emotionally present gave me fulfillment and a source of pride.  I felt like I was on top of my game.

The funny thing is I was one of those women who went into motherhood fully understanding the need and importance of selfcare…so I thought.  I went into motherhood with a plan for “me time”.  (In fact I’d plan to engage in “me time” once a week or every 2 weeks…worst case scenario!)  It wasn’t until I took a bowl of cereal into the bathroom just so I could get a moment to myself to eat them before they got soggy that I realized that I had never implemented my plan of SelfCare.  …It wasn’t until I added hot water to the bath that my 3 year old had just finished…that I realized that had failed miserable at my attempt to implement selfcare!

It never occurred to me that the core of who I am was being severely neglected.  It’s interesting how subtle the role of being a wife and mother becomes all consuming…especially when you don’t implement a plan for selfcare.  SelfCare should never be viewed or treated as a practice that you don’t have time to enjoy.  SelfCare should be embraced and respected as a practice of self investment that improves your quality of life…because it will.

~Recover the strength of your spirit & make the investment today you are worth it my friend!~

~Make the investment today!~


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