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I’m good; now leave me alone

I’m good; now leave me alone

I’m good; now leave me alone!

I am a very outgoing person and I’m pretty well known.  I absolutely love life…the good, the bad, the pain and the ugly.  I embrace it all.  I’m pretty transparent; I share a lot of my life, spirit and energy with those that I come in contact with.

The truth is that I am an introvert.  I love people but I can stand to be around them unless I’ve had adequate time to myself.  I’ve always said that ‘you will feel robbed http://LaTashaElliott.com/im-good-now-leave-me-alonewhen people take what you give them unless you’ve given to yourself first.’  With that being said…I have a high appreciation for time with myself.  I am extremely self-reflective and I love every part of who I am…the flawed, the crazy, the stable and unstable.  I would never say this aloud but I am the most interesting person that I’ve ever met.  I am complex and full of polar opposites that sometimes contradict each other.

With all of that being said… people often ask me whats wrong when I’m not “on stage”.  On stage ishttp://LaTashaElliott.com/im-good-now-leave-me-alone where I work but it’s not where I live.  They think that the “stage” is my life.  It’s extremely frustrating because they never ask me whats wrong when I’m smiling.  And they never ask me whats wrong when they are absorbing that positive energy that I give most often.  People don’t realize that depression often wears the face of a smile.

I’m good not leave me alone!

When I take time to myself and you think that something is wrong because I look sad…you have just missed it.  That’s when I’m most healthy.  …It’s the smile that you have to watch.



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