I talk grown to her

The world that we live in now is much different than the one that we grew up in. Outside of the music that her dad lets her listen to… my child is fairly shelter. Meaning she has no first hand knowledge through experience of the things that I am teaching her about. I mother was far from perfect but the life lessons that she taught me will stick with me for the rest of my life. Those same lessons I pass on to my daughter Justice. The lessons that my mother taught me will live in our family for generations to come.

My mother never sugars coats anything. She never has and she never will. She is truly build different. A special and rare women of God indeed. My mother by and large is very quick to forgive. She walks in a level of grace and freedom that very few will ever see or know. Her live wasn’t easy and she always taught me “don’t no body owe you nothing.” The use to tell me that it’s a cold cold world and that your family is all that you got! She use to say…that her mother told her…there is something out there that will teach you but it wont be me! Her grandmother use to tell her youngest child that “this world will give your .50 cent out of a nickel and still cheat you.”

What can I say, I am from the country. Pomaire South Carolina to be exact. Today…this very moment is all that we have. We have to do something great with it. As I sit here writing my book, it is so clear to me that the enemies goal is to convince us that we will always have more time. This very moment of me typing and you reading is all that we have. It’s a moment that we know share together now and it is a moment that just past…yet it is sealed now between the two of us. Divine encounter is what we are always experiencing.

There is a reason that my daughter and I are on earth at the same time at this very moment in time. She is well informed. She has both the perspective of a Godly women who sees the world as it (based on the worlds of reality that we create) and she sees it as it has been engineered to be. I’m preprogramming her. She is God conscience even at the age of 10. We see the world as it is and we rise above it by choice.

Side Note: I refuse to be a shrinking violent when this world is as bold and unapoligice as it is! Point/Blank/Period.

Do you ever wonder what His purpose is for having you on the earth at this specific and particular moment in time? There is a specific reason that you are on this earth at this particular moment in time.

You are not a mistake. I don’t care how you got here. Even if you were your mom and /or dad’s mistake… you are NOT HIS MISTAKE.

Don’t try to find your purpose…just discover His. His thoughts toward you are good not evil. He has an expected end the He wants you to get to.

He is not disappointed with you. You may be disappointed with yourself but He’s not because nothing caughts Him off guard. He doesn’t slumber or sleep. He always knew what you were capable of and even knowing that He still chose you. Share your testimony. The moment now. The time is now right! Forgive yourself then ask Him to help you forgive others.



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