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I know my place

I know my place

I know exactly who I am and I know my place. I am the chosen daughter of the Most High King and an ambassador of His Kingdom.

As a woman I know my place. One thing that I am absolutely sure about is a woman’s ability to improve and upgrade everything that God has given men the responsibility to govern and demonstrate authority, dominion and stewardship over. We are absolutely necessary. We make the life of men worth living.https://theselfcareconsultant.com

I never understand how and why women have such a problem with submission.

It’s my honor to submit…I know my place. I heard a wise man say that “the man who thinks that he’s leading people but who has nobody following him anit doing nothing but taking a walk.” You can’t lead if I’m not following. I submission to you is what makes you great.

I know my place. I understand the complexities and fragileness of your ego.

Sweetheart I’ve got you cover. My womb has the power and ability to give life to your vision and https://theselfcareconsultant.comdreams. With that being said…I also know that my mouth (words), criticism and doubt can snatch the very life from your soul. I know my place. I am the one the God uses to make you great. I know my place.

When he finds me…he finds favor with the Lord of heaven…

Because of who I am…The Most High adds abundance to his life. I https://theselfcareconsultant.comhave no problem encouraging and speaking life over him. The Bible says that ‘a wise woman builds her house but a fool plucks it down with her very hands.” I am no fool…I know my place.

It is my desire to please you and be please by you…

I know my place and I’m willing to learn any position that you desire. Within the warmth of my flesh is your home. Deep within me is the place where you can come and cum and find rest. You are welcome to enter in as often as you would deshttps://theselfcareconsultant.comire. My legs are never closed to you.  …I know my place.


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