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Don’t checkout

Don’t checkout

I understand that sometimes there can be issues in your life that cause you to want to escape and check out…but don’t checkout.

Use the method listed below to accurately evaluate and process your feelings.

  • What is bothering me?
  • How do  I feel about it?
  • Do I have any ability to change, control, or affect the situation?
    • If the answer is No…  Then regroup and find a healthy perspective.
      • It’s just that simple…otherwise, you’ll drive yourself crazy and to the brink of sanity.
    • If the answer to the previous question is “Yes”…and you do have the ability to change, control, or affect the situation or dilemma…
      • Ask yourself…Where do I start?
  • Then take a deep breath and adjust your expectations!

Avoid feelings of rejection and wanting to disconnect and disengage.  (The temptation to disconnect and disengage will be there.  I refer to this as “self preservation & survivor mode”.)  If you choose this path, I can tell you from personal experience that it is hard to heal, recover and rebuild from this point because emotional scar tissue forms quickly.  In this mode…you end up limiting and destroying your opportunities for healthy engagement and interaction with others because you’re in a deep state of disconnect, disengagement, self preservation, and survival mode.  Avoid drawing conclusions if you’ve reached this state of mind because it can be dangerous and life changing.

If you’re like me…when I check out-I’m out.  I genuinely start caring less about the issue/situation/dilemma that caused me to get to the https://theselfcareconsultant.compoint total disconnect.  In most cases I internalized issues in an effort to use wisdom and avoid destroying a situation with prolonged ‘focused anger’.  Unfortunately, when I enter the space ’emotional disconnect’…it’s literally a point of no return for me. I try to avoid this mode because there’s never been a time where I’ve been able to reconnect or reengage on any level.  …I literally mean never.  It’s like I go into a mode of 3rd person.


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