I talk grown to her

The world that we live in now is much different than the one that we grew up in. Outside of the music that her dad lets her listen to… my child is fairly shelter. Meaning she has no first hand knowledge through experience of the things that I am teaching her about. I mother was far from perfect but the […]

You will always be tested

With ever victory come a challenge. With ever victory of/in the mind with come a test or challenge to see if you will maintain and hold on to the deliverance and freedom that was purchased for you. Freedom is your birthright. We were born free. We where at our freest before the fall. One conversation with the wrong spirit and […]


bound (n.1)c. 1300, “boundary marker,” from Anglo-Latin bunda, from Old French bonde “limit, boundary, boundary stone” (12c., Modern French borne), variant of bodne, from Medieval Latin bodina, which is perhaps from Gaulish. From mid-14c. as “an external limit, that which limits or circumscribes;” figuratively, of feelings, etc., from late 14c. From late 14c. as “limits of an estate or territory.” Now […]

The Perfect Bath

Bath Time Delight Have you ever though about how amazing it must feel to experience the perfect bath. I have partnered with SelfCare Is WealthCare and Timeless Delight to create the perfect bath. The Bath Time Delight Experience that I’m about to describe to you a foundational part of the SelfCare Is WealthCare R3 Program. (relax, recover and restore program. […]

Blessed with the gift of Autism

Let this be your public service announcements My daughter is everything that she should be just as she is.  She is blessed.   God made her exactly like he wants her and autism doesn’t change that!  She is not fragile or broken.  She doesn’t need to me ‘healed’ or cured from her the diagnoses of autism.  Autism doesn’t change her from […]

To Him I Say…yes

From this point forward my answer to Him will forever be…yes. It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I am now ready.  I am clear on where I am.  His peace, clarity, and His presence in concert with my faith and my stillness will from this point govern all my decisions, plans, and preparations.  No longer will I […]

Can a liar be trusted?

Believe it or not you CAN trust a liar.  People who lie are pretty consistent.  They lie without thinking and it comes  natural to them.   When they lie to you – it’s not personal.    They aren’t thinking about you.  Their distorted communication is on auto pilot. Lying is their habit and they do it effortlessly.  Honesty is not a conviction that they live by. How do […]

When a woman goes quiet

When a woman goes quiet There is so much power and strength in silence.  Sometimes it’s temping to speak on a matter before it’s time but trust me you can’t go wrong with silence.  It’s been my experience that women talk more when they are emotional.  There comes a time when talking is no longer appropriate.  There comes a time when […]

Don’t checkout

I understand that sometimes there can be issues in your life that cause you to want to escape and check out…but don’t checkout. Use the method listed below to accurately evaluate and process your feelings. What is bothering me? How do  I feel about it? Do I have any ability to change, control, or affect the situation? If the answer is […]

I’m good; now leave me alone

I’m good; now leave me alone! I am a very outgoing person and I’m pretty well known.  I absolutely love life…the good, the bad, the pain and the ugly.  I embrace it all.  I’m pretty transparent; I share a lot of my life, spirit and energy with those that I come in contact with. The truth is that I am […]


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