11 stages of crash & burn

I know from experience the challenges and difficulties of burnout. I know what it’s like to become totally and completely overwhelm by the responsibilities of managing life because you’ve waited too long to ask for help. The  problem is not that you need help-the problem is that you’ve waited too long to ask for help.  The longer you wait to ask for help…the longer it takes you to recover.



Stages of Crash & Burn:

  1. Acknowledgement… “I’m tired; I need a break; I’m a little stressed “
  2. (Self Neglect: Here comes the cape)
  3. Self Denial… “Stop being weak…snap out of it”
  4. Acknowledgement… “I need a break;  I’m tired;  I’m stressed “
  5. Sheer Frustration… “I can’t take this shit no more; I need a break!”
  6. Self Denial…  “STOP BEING WEAK and SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!”
  7. Wishful Thinking/pre-burnout “Maybe someone will notice that I’m stressed.  Maybe some will notice that I’m overwhelmed & offer help”
  8. Burnout… “I can’t believe that nobody noticed!!!” #Resentment
  9. The Great Escape… “I’m so frustrated & overwhelmed! What can I eat, drink, buy or do for relief?”
  10. Mini Meltdowns & small bouts of depression… “I’m not appreciated! I’m so overwhelmed, stressed out and frustrated.  Nobody appreciates what I do.  Nobody cares.”
  11. Guilt & Shame for the overeating, drinking, shopping and self-numbing/self-medicating behaviors

Crash & burn/Checkout…

  1. Around but not present…not engaged at all! (Feeling of worthlessness)

Then recovery…by this time you need an IV.


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