Who LaTasha Elliott is now!

Well…well…well! So much of my life has changed since I started this site. When I discovered this part of my calling, I knew that laying the foundations and blueprint for SelfCare Professionals and Consultant was a tall order. But at that time, I never knew what I would have to go through to actually be qualified to speak as an expert on the subject.

My life experience has prepared me completely for this very moment in time and I couldn’t be more excited. My life’s experiences…the highs…the lows…the ups…the downs…the good…the bad…the ugly…and the struggle in the areas of leadership, business, marriage, divorce and motherhood.

My vulnerability, transparency, experience, and calling allows me to connect and empower clients to eliminate stress, create health boundaries and rediscover the strength of their spirit.

I’ve been in leadership since the age of 1999 and I’ve been working with individuals and families and in crises since 2004. My company Youth Empowerment and Family Services received a multilevel agency contract with the state of South Carolina in 2009. My daughter was born in 2010 and was diagnose with Autism in 2015. In 2016 I made one of the biggest decisions that I’ve ever had to make in my life. It was September of 2020 the I reintroduced myself to the world and stepped back onto the stage.


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