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When a woman goes quiet

When a woman goes quiet

When a woman goes quiet

There is so much power and strength in silence.  Sometimes it’s temping to speak on a matter before it’s time but trust me you can’t go wrong with silence.  It’s been my experience that women talk more when they are emotional.  There comes a time when talking ishttp://theselfcareconsultant.com no longer appropriate.  There comes a time when it’s best to be all the way quiet.  During this time you need to be extremely observant and listen.  I call this the moment of grace because during this time…the person on the other end of the silence has the benefits of grace…weather they know it or not.  During this time decisions are being made. She is still receptive but she’s starting to see you with absolute clarity.

In her silence, she sees you for who you really are.  Her senses are more clear…more sharp than ever.  As she makes eye contact, as she http://theselfcareconsultant.comsmiles in silence…decisions are being made that you have absolutely no control over.  You don’t know that anything has changed but you will soon see the results of her made up mind.  Her silence is dangerous because it’s during that time she has the most clarity.  In her silence she feels her power; it her silence she regains the strength of her spirit.  It’s during that time that her mind is being made without the casual chatter that often times distorts emotion.


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