The SelfCare Is WealthCare Retreat

Our next SelfCare Is WealthCare Event will be April 1-3, 2021

1st quarter enrollment for January and February is sold out.

The next “SelfCare is WealthCare™” master class is April 10th-June 4th. 

Early bird registration for this enrollment will start March 1st-5th.

~”SelfCare is WealthCare” (8 weeks program) early bird special: $497~

“SelfCare is WealthCare” (8 weeks program) regular enrollment: $697

Thanks to our generous sponsors at, the “SelfCare is WealthCare™” program include a one month supply of all your relaxation and selfcare must haves!

Benefits of the program:

  • Get clarity
  • Identify the areas in your life where self neglect is present
  • Deconstruct any negatives conversations that you may be having with yourself about yourself
  • Work through feelings of guilt and shame that keep you from including yourself among your top priorities
  • Implement a plan for personalized selfcare
  • Learn how to set boundaries & effectively communicate them
  • Become more self aware & self reflective
  • Eliminate self sabotaging behaviors that bred feeling of resentment and worthlessness
  • Receive exclusive offer from our official sponsors at
  • Incorporate 3 selfcare experiences a week

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