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Survival is the must

Survival is the must

http://theselfcareconsultant.comThe ability and will to survive is often underestimated. But on all dementions of the human experience the will to survive is powerful and forever present.  The most carnal part of our existence craves and lives for pleasure and comfort.  However survival to it’s core has the ability to disregard both comfort and pleasure in effort to maintain it’s existence.  When it comes to survival, the will of the human spirit is so strong that the human spirit overrides the mind to live.  Think about the most difficult experiences that you’ve ever faced in life.  To survive the horror of those experiences, your mind had to adapt, adjust and change its expectations or your sanity would have faced extinction.  Survival is the must.  Our spirit is the core of who we are.  When this body that we currently occupy takes it’s last breath, the spirit of who we are will remain.

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